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-This is a High- Poly sculpt and 2 makeups are for Raen/Xaela Face 3/103 Aura, the Shape keys have been taken off. The facial features are still enabled! She has fuller lips, smaller slimmer chin a blushed button nose, smaller horns and slimmer eyes. Should fit any makeup you would like to use, but may need a few adjustments. Thank you to manapotions (sorry if incorrect) for the Bibo+ (Up)Scales mod

Comes with:

-Face Sculpt

-3 Makeups ( 1 Raen, 1 Xaela w/o colored scale and 1 w/ colored scale. )

-Handmade Eyelash/Brows

Does not include:

– Iris

-Hair ( Private )

~Makeup commissions are fine just do not include the sculpt, just credit me ♥.

~Edits are welcome for personal use!~

~Please do not reupload as your own.

~ Do not redistribute to others who have not purchased the item. Make sure to share the  product link so that they can buy it themselves♥


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