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SIMPY preset pack

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7 ReShade compatible presets with textures toggles



Install “Major Praline – Simpy” in your “reshade-presets” folder.
Install the textures inside the “Textures folder in your “reshade-shaders/Textures” folder.


To toggle on/off textures, check/uncheck the shaders named “Layer.fx” and / or “StageDepth.fx”.
To bring a “StageDepth.fx” texture in the front (like Layer.fx) put the depth value to it’s maximum.

Correct lighting via your GPose menu in-game with:

  • General Settings > Manual brightness adjustment
  • Lighting settings > Character Lighting



Those presets are using RTGI for shadow & light, but they are compatible for non-RTGI users.

Those presets are using the latest archive of GShade’s shaders (BlackWaltz’s backup), if you use older shaders this might break.

Those presets are made to work with REST addon for UI masking:

The 4 last shaders composing those presets are:

  • VerticalPreviewer.fx (Portrait screenshots + grid)
  • Composition.fx (Grid)
  • Chromakey.fx (Transparent background screenshot)
  • Chromakey2.fx (Transparent background screenshot)



If your colours are not the same as the previews, you need to fix your LUTs / MultiLUTs:

If the textures are not showing, please make sure you have the latest available versions of Layer.fx, Layers.fxh, Blending.fx & StageDepth.fx OR StageDepthPlus.fx (use BlackWaltz’s backup archive)

For more troubleshooting, please read this document:

If the document is missing your issue, please join ReShade’s Discord for more troubleshooting:

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