Simple & Soft Makeup

Category: Makeup

Race: Roegadyn

Gender: Female

Includes: 3 total files (manual install)

Format: .png

This is my first public makeup, and features a soft look for FemRoe’s using Face 3/103. I am a budding makeup designer, so this is scary and exciting, and I hope users get use out of it. ♡

There are three files included in this set:

• A version using Ephelis Faces by Longerrpigs

• A version using Vanilla Face Upscales by Rosemint

• The multi file that works with both versions

The files are packaged as .pngs for manual install. While both makeups will work together, I recommend only installing one. I use and swear by Ephelis and did test the Vanilla Face Upscale version and the differences are very subtle. So preference is really up to you!

Preview of multi-skintones in natural light:

– Do not reupload or claim this makeup and its files as your own.
– Do not alter, trace, or use this makeup as a base to redistribute. Private edits are fine so long as they remain private.
– Do not use in commissions.

Have a question or something’s broken? Don’t hesitate to reach out! ♡

Twitter: CactusJuiceXIV
Discord: ᴄᴀᴄᴛᴜꜱ.ᴊᴜɪᴄᴇ#5298

Updated 5.21.22 – Cleaned up the multi to reflect my growing skill, as well as to remove patches of white around the lips and nose on darker tones.

Please redownload for the latest version.

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