Shorts Pack

Shorts Pack is a collection of four vanilla mash up shorts with the Mirage Bottoms stockings.

For all tall female models

Expeditioner’s Mirage replaces the Expeditioner’s Pantalettes
Gunslinger’s Mirage replaces the Idealized Gunslinger’s Bottoms
Snow’s Mirage replaces the Snow Linen Bottoms of Aiming
YoRHa’s Mirage replaces the YoRHa Type-53 Bottoms of Casting

Known issues: Slight clipping on around the thighs of Expeditioner’s Mirage

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dusk mother

i'm phnx or dusk, you can call me either or and i'm a very novice modder. i'm doing my best to learn how to make vanilla mashups and maybe some upscales? i don't know yet.

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