Shining Nikki Hair Dump

A rip of all the hairs I could get my hands on for the CN Shining Nikki server!! It’s my first time ripping from a game, so some of the meshes might come incomplete or be completely identical to each other, but I cannot be assed to check LOL. Comes as fbxs.

Comes with the hair alpha (in black) scaled to 2048 x 2048. Paste this in the alpha channel of your hair texture.

Link to previews:

1. Please credit Shining Nikki for the meshes
2. No need to credit me for the rips but I would appreciate it if you did lol
3. Please do not use these rips for permanently paywalled content. Don’t be a dickhead.
4. If using for paywalled content, it will eventually have to come out for free. Furthermore, meshes need to be altered in a way that it’s a significant change from the original resource (ex. a mashup).
5. Feel free to use for commissions.

SET UP INSTRUCTIONS (I’m using Blender 3.6):
– Select the fbx and scale it to 1.0

If the mesh is stretched out:
1. Select the armature
2. Pose mode
3. [Top left menu] Pose > clear transform > all

CREDITS: Shining Nikki for the meshes. @‌ortizriquet (twt)/Kaen for the rip


Hi! I'm just somebody who likes modding. You can find more of my mods on my Trello ( ) :D

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