SCH SMN Guide to the Elements

This mod comes as a .pmp Penumbra mod file only. Please install using Penumbra.

A mod to replace the textures for SMN and SCH books with custom HD decals.
These come in a small variety of options, including an English and Eorzean guide to the elements (updated to reflect advances in the field of aetherology).

Note for the more technically-inclined:
This mod edits decal IDs 101-131.
Example file path – \chara\common\texture\decal_equip-decal_101.tex

If you need support with this mod, please contact me via Discord @asarath, or via my Tumblr

Credits & Thanks:


Hi! I'm WingedAsarath (they/them). I'm fairly new to mod creation, so please bear with me!

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