Scarlett’s Boutique- Core Crystal

I know I know I’m an ass for posting this during maint BUT here have a new Shader! Core Crystal is a preset where you can turn yourself into a rare blade from Xenoblade 2! Is your driver going to get lucky? Let’s see!

PERMISSIONS: Do not use my assets with releases without asking permission first! I hand drew all the assets myself aside from the nametag I don’t want people using my work willy nilly for things like that without speaking to me first!

Notes: The textures do scale to my screen so if you have a bigger monitor than I do you may need to scale the assets a bit (for reference I have a 24 inch monitor) you can do so by using the slider in the options below
-The nametag is supposed to be blank for you to add the name in post, XBC2 uses a non bolded Helvetica for it’s font if that helps you find the one you need!
-the shader works best in low light areas and does NOT work with the UI due to it’s depth so if you need to use the GPOSE UI do everything BEFORE you activate the shader.
-If you need to zoom in to a specific spot to show a shining core crystal I recommend using the camera zoom function in anamnesis combined with GPOSE’s zoom with the UI (Set to .8 and it should be close enough) the ray lighting can be turned off if needed as well!

Remember to use #scarlettsboutique on twitter or post them in the server so I can see them! I can’t wait to see what you guys create with this! Enjoy everyone!


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