Premium Content: Satoru – Makeup, Eyes, Lashes & Brows for Seekers

This is a Gojo Satoru inspired cosmetic set for Miqo’te seeker faces EXCEPT Face 2.

The set includes:
– High quality custom makeup
– Custom eyes
– Custom dyeable lashes and eyebrows.

The file comes with 2 versions, either clanless or with clan marks.
The makeup MIGHT be able to work on sculpts and other non-vanilla faces, if the sculpt in question uses the vanilla texture layout for Seekers.

– Any personal customizations of the mod are allowed, as long as it is not redistributed in any form! Other than that, I hope you enjoy it! ♥
– For inquiries or custom requests, please reach out to me via DMs or @ carmillacruor on Discord!


Hi hi, my name is Carmi! I'm a baby modder and I make FFXIV mods. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to check it out! ♥ For any inquiries or custom requests, please reach out to me @ carmillacruor on Discord!

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