Premium Content: Runic

Public release: TBD
Nikki Mashup Port
Available for HAMVE!
Expect clipping, I did my best ♥
Hair 145, Hair 14 for Viera
Programs Used
Asset Studio
✹ Private edits only until public release, please credit when public
✹ Do not redistribute or upload anywhere
✹ Do not port to other games
✹ Do not claim as your own
✹ Absolutely no nsfw ports to Lalafel, NO nsfw use in minor characters
Do not use my mods for any sort of bigotry


Henlo! my name is Naori, formerly known as Luna/Rheya/Shionne! And I'm slightly obsessed with modding, I currently offer content such as; clothing hair makeup sculpts & some things in between. I started modding in late 2019, and have been persistent to improve the quality of my content every day since. I sometimes do ports, but mostly focus on custom content. I don't follow a set genre/style (I just make what I'm inspired to!), so you can find a variety of looks from me! I really hope you enjoy my content! And thank you so, so much for your support, I wouldn't be here without it.