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Premium Content: rosehip -makeup for all viera faces-

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after what feels like five million years, i’ve finally done another full set for fem viera! i really love them so much, and wanted to do something fresh and light to balance out the darkness from the first set.

the eyeshadow is a pale shimmery shade, the lips are and rosy, and the blush is as in a soft w shape across the nose and cheeks.

there are several many more previews with the included files. a ttmp for easy installation, as well as loose files of both the diffuse and the specular for each face if that’s more your speed.

as always feel free to edit things to your liking, so long as you keep the edits personal. no tracing/copying and then putting it out there and calling it your own. i worked my butt off on these, and it’s just a feels bad man otherwise.

public release: march 17th

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