Roegadyn Earth and Sea sculpts

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Anything for Women.

Updates for the female roegadyn to make their faces look more natural and distinct from one another and smooth out their stranger traits. NPCs included.

Includes texture packs with seawolf, hellsguard with full nose blackening, and vanilla hellsguard selection. Retains face morphs and reaper eyes.

Face 1

face texture: Cleaned+upscaled, fixed lip colour, bigger hellsguard nose
Sculpt: Larger nose, less dramatic mouth

Face 2

Face texture: Cleaned+upscaled, traded angry eyebrows for more wrinkles around the eyes
Sculpt: Broader lower-set nose, shrunk inner eye corners, less dramatic mouth

Face 3

Face texture: Cleaned+upscaled, added mild crunkles around the eye for depth

Face 4

Face texture: Cleaned+upscaled, fixed lip colour, added mild crunkles around the eye for depth
Sculpt: Raised mouth, much more distinct facial options


Texture: Upscaled, slightly increased contrast of existing wrinkles
Sculpt: Total face flatten. Widened nose to make her more distinctly roegadyn.


Texture+Normal: Upscaled, dramatic smoothing, added depth wrinkle under eye, smoothed normals
Sculpt: Lowered + rotated + enlarged nose to reduce pugfaced effect, less dramatic mouth, raised mouth


Distribution notes:

  • Feel free to use this as the base for your own sculpts&commissions
  • Please credit if you’re making premium releases that use this mod as a base.
  • A matter of decorum: please don’t delete the shape keys on these models if you want to edit them.
  • Feel free to use the textures for anything. I am not possessive over them.


I make XIV mods that slot into the vanilla game and doesn't break NPCs. I have an obsessive fixation with making adjustments to anything that seems jarring to me. Every day I release things wrong. Contact me on Tumblr if you see any issues.

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