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[Ril] ReShade Preset ‘First Love’

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Happy Valentines, Gamers. 
This is the last of my current backlog so my uploading speed will be slower now, 
and it has no gameplay version (but yell at me if you really want one for whatever reason.) 

→ Use #RilPresets if you end up using these presets ♡ 

→ Copy "Ril - First Love" to your preset folder. 
→ Copy .png files inside "Textures" to your texture folder. 

This pack has been updated to use GShade shaders & Textures from BlackWaltz's backup archive 

Taken at 00:00, 12:00, 17:30, 21:00 ET 
→ Il Mheg - Fair Skies 
→ Gridania - Fog (12:00 ET) 
→ Character Lighting 0 
→ Manual brightness 0 

This pack includes 'First Love' Preset (Screenshot only) 
→ Bright red & purple toned preset with a slight pastel blue tint, and sparkling Bokeh ADoF with a slight red tint. 

→ Comes with 4 diagonal borders that can be turned on/off individually by un/ticking "Layer.fx - Layer4.fx" 
→ Comes with Greenscreen & Circle border that can be turned on/off by un/ticking "StageDepth.fx" and/or "Chromakey.fx" 

→ Do not claim as your own 
→ Do not use as a base for your own work 
→ Edits are okay, using/sharing presets are okay 

Thank you so much!

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