[Ril] ReShade Mini-Pack 3 (3 Presets)

A simpler, less niche pack of all-rounder presets that look good in most areas/lighting. 
I also took most of the preview pictures with my Miqo alt for a change in scenery. 

→ Use #RilPresets if you end up using these presets ♡ 

This pack has been updated to use the latest GShade shaders & Textures, using BlackWaltz's backup archive 
→ archive.org/details/black-waltz-fours-magic-backup 
→ docs.google.com/document/d/1wHkHbnsimkpfblKM8MaGZ6dMu5q0_sSEQ-twSfgzpFQ/edit# 

PREVIEW IMAGES → https://ko-fi.com/s/bda84b5cf7
Taken at 00:00, 05:30, 13:00, 17:30 ET 
→ Gridania - Fair Skies 
→ Foundation - Foggy (13:00 ET) 
→ Ul'Dah - Clear Skies (13:00 ET) 
→ Preset vs. Vanilla comparisons done using gameplay version of presets. 
→ Character Lighting 0 
→ Manual brightness 0 

This pack includes: 
→ 3 Screenshot Presets + 3 Gameplay Presets 

→ A simplistic preset that was colour matched to the colours in the vanilla game, just nicer.
→ A preset with a dusty sand coloured tint and vibrant ADoF bokeh. 
→ A striking moonlit purple shaded preset. 

→ Do not claim as your own 
→ Do not use as a base for your own work 
→ Edits are okay, using/sharing presets are okay 

Thank you so much!


Hiii, I started off uploading ReShade presets, then poses. Now I’m uploading mods too. I upload atleast 5 clothing mods per month! If you want to keep up with updates, I suggest following my Ko-fi or Twitter I’m best contacted via. Twitter (@Ril_FFXIV) for any issues/enquiries.

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