Rhalgr’s Staff: Weapon for BLM WHM DRG RPR

Dreams do come true.

I definitely made this for my WoL but I knew there would be others who also want to wield the weapon of the Destroyer! LET’S GOOOOO!!

Usable by BLM, WHM, DRG & RPR. The left hand placement for DRG and RPR is slightly funky in certain poses, but I tested them to make sure they at least make sense physically (e.g. not grabbing the pointy part).

Black Mage, White Mage & Dragoon: Ala Mhigan Rod, Cane & Glaive + Sandteak variants.

Reaper: Tropaios Scythe.

Download is a zip folder with four individual mods so you can choose which ones you want. Apologies for the size of these files. Mods turn out really fuckin hefty when I use the monster data. I definitely recommend using Penumbra’s optimization tool once you’ve got these installed.

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