RESOURCE: Piercings DevKit

Piercings DevKit for Blender
Blender scene including base assets for making piercings, jewellery or else.

– Barbels, labrets, rings, springs
– Balls, spikes
– Basic chains (to use with curve & array modifier)
– Spring with the modifier on (to make it longer, thicker, etc)
– Basic shapes (heart, star, teardrop, cross…)

All UV unwrapped, low poly, quads, ready to bake

T.O.S: Do not
Do not claim as your own & credit me (I made it with love, use it with love too!)
Do not publish on other platforms
Do not use outside XIV
Do not use to represent minors or minor looking characters in NSFW/erotic settings
Do not use to represent homophobia, transphobia, racism, zoophilia/bestiality or any other hateful content
Do not redistribute as is, (just using one on the premade mesh, just using one mesh etc) those are base assets

T.O.S: Do
Okay to use for free content, paid content, commissions, public, private, whatever
Okay to use for SFW or NSFW mods
Okay to fully edit to your convinience
Okay to share around
Okay to use outside Blender

If possible, it is always better to bake your normal maps even though those are base assets, I strongly encourage you to do so, but it’s fine not to.

Major Praline

Leon he/him

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