[Ril] ReShade Preset ‘Sekhmet’


→ Use #RilPresets if you end up using these presets ♡

This pack has been updated to use the latest GShade shaders & Textures, using BlackWaltz's backup archive 
→ archive.org/details/black-waltz-fours-magic-backup 



For more preview images → https://ko-fi.com/s/07d0d1d0e4

Preview images taken in-game at 00:00, 6:00, 12:00, 17:30 ET. 
→ Ul'dah - Fair Skies 
→ Gridania - Clear Skies 
→ Old Sharlayan - Cloudy (12:00 ET) 

This pack includes:Sekhmet preset - A slightly cool-toned preset that is counterbalanced by vivid warm hues. 
A good all-rounder preset that can be used anywhere. 

3 versions for Screenshots
→ Blur ADoF 
→ Bokeh ADoF (Used in preview images) 
→ Version with additional light rays in the foreground and background. 

2 versions for Gameplay 
→ Higher Graphics Quality Gameplay (Used in final preview image) 
→ Higher FPS Gameplay 

→ Do not claim as your own 
→ Do not use as a base for your own work 
→ Edits are okay, using/sharing presets are okay 

Thank you!


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