Relala Nails Kit

requires redefined lalafell to work (

a completely asymm nails kit for you to create custom nail designs with! each nail has its own uv for full customization. included is a blend file, an fbx, a psd with the uvs so you can see where the nails are, and a ttmp to easily repack your designs with. includes options for the minou hand beans as well.
you may use this for public, paid, or private mods. you may edit the nail shape, textures, use as a base for more intricate nails, mashups, etc. basically, you can do whatever you want as long as it follows my basic rules, and you credit me somewhere in the post if its released. (
the nails are based off of the false nails and have an almost 1:1 shape, but were made by myself in blender. the ttmp is plain with no designs, in case you do not want to create nails but want better, higher poly false nails to use!

my links:
tumblr: (best way to view and dl my free mods)

1. Do not port to other games without my explicit permission (private use is okay)
2. Do not use for variant media for commercial use without consent (eg Vtuber designs, logo design, watermarks, stamps, etc)
*For any original design. Please contact me for any commercial use inquiries regarding ANY of my mods.
3. Do not redistribute anywhere
4. Do not use with NSFW lalafell / Do not upscale any lalafell mod past vanilla/re[de]fined lalafell
*Tall mods may be upscaled to any body size
5. Porting my public / free mods to other races are fine as long as credit is provided


hello i like making cute lalafell things and im bad at communicating

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