Premium Content: Ravyn

Asym stockings with straps and a metal paw.
Shaped for bibo+ small, tbse and otopop.

Comes in version with socks and a version with boots.

The main file contains 19 options, the glow add on contains 10 options, so 29 option that you can mix how you like it!

Glow add on colour options: gold, silver, pink, purple, cyan, blue, red, green, white, yellow/orange

Main File options: default version, sock version, shoe version

Dyable Design options: dyeable, dyeabkle knit, striped, stars, dots, pastel stripes

Non-dyeable Designs: red plaid, camouflage, blue knit, orange knit

Main file paw options: gold or silver

Shoe dye option: normal, lighter, darker, black


This mod works perfectly fine for playing.

If you wanna wear long pants, you need to wear REALLY tight pants. I recommend shorts, skirts or even nothing wink

Please note that the designs for lala might look different than for talls due to their proportions


Hey, I'm Nimpy o/ I'm still kinda new to FFXIV modding but I try my best \o/ Want a comission or found a bug in one of my mods? Please read the Info card on my Trello for that!