Rave Waffles set (blue and red options)

♥ Do you like your waffles with strawberry or blueberry syrup? ♥

Phew, this one took a bit to figure out how to make, but I’m so proud of how these megagooberwaffles came out ;__; ♥

~ There are currently two selectable options to choose from: red and black; or blue and black.
~ The base mount is shadow black, and the colored bits glow! (Atramentum Luminis not required)
~ The VFX for the jet emissions have also been changed from their original white-ish yellow, to red (for the red version), and blue (for the blue ver.) respectively.

I plan on releasing other rave waffle options at a later date in a mega-color pack~


A spookily inclined gremlin who likes things that glow and the colors black and red. In the spirit of customizations, I also try to make multiple color variations of my mods so that everyone else can get things glowy and in their favorite colors too! ^^♥

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