Premium Content: [Hair+Outfits]Ravana Hunter

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Public Release: 12 October 2022

SN port for Patron’s early access at June 2022 (5 of 3, yes this is bonus content)

Available for All Females

Replaces: Quaintrelle’s Hat, Dress, Skirt and Shoes, Moonward Bracelet for Bag

Weapon: Garuda WHM BLM and DRG weapon

Hair: 110, Viera Hair 3

Tall Females require Bibo+ 2.0 or later version:

Lalafells have 2 options as vanilla or Otopop, otopop version required to download this body mods,

Vanilla doesn’t require any additional download:



◽ My mashup mods, and ported mods are allow to convert to other base items or body sizes. Just DM me in advanced i would like to know that you interested, and of cause have me in credits at the results.

◽ You may use any parts of my Mods , and any resources I’ve made, for any publicly released mod, including public commissions. again just DM me in advanced and have me in credits at the results.

◽ However any NSFW purpose or lewd edit on Lalafells mods are automatically NO. (NSFW edits for talls are fine.)

◽ Do not re-upload or host my mod files anywhere. You may share my link instead.

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