Premium Content: Raging Flames Sickle

Now you have the power over your flame and weapon color!

In this modpack, I’ve replaced and recolored multiple textures, vfx, and the base weapon to fit multiple different color schemes. It took much more time and effort to get everything just right than initially expected, but I’m really proud of how it all came out!

~ “Summon your flame” changes the color of the fire coming out of the scythe.
~ “Summon your sickle” changes the color of the glowy insignia on the blades.
~ I separated the two this way so it’s possible to mix and match! Have fun messing with different combinations! (I highly recommend void and toxic mixed together)
Don’t forget that the base weapon is also dyeable, which adds a third layer of customization to the coloring! ^^

10 Available Flame Colors:
– Frozen (dark blue)
– Ghostly (aqua)***
– Hallow’s (fire orange)
– Original (vanilla)
– Punk (pink)
– Sanguine (red)
– Toxic (green)***
– Void (dark purple)

– The original version of the ghostly flame color and an updated variation are included!
– Version 1 of the Ghostly Flames Sickle can be found for free here:

– There’s a more radiant/light variation and a somewhat more vivid/darker variation included!

7 Sickle Variations + 1 bonus variation
– Frozen (dark blue)
– Ghostly (aqua)
– Hallow’s (fire orange)
– Punk (pink)
– Sanguine (red)
– Toxic (green)
– Void (dark purple)
– Bonus: Devil’s Pact (the chain as well as the insignias on this weapon glow red!)

Happy reaping! ^^ ♥


~Contact & Links~
– XIV Mod Archive:
– Etsy/Insta/etc:
– Discord:


A spookily inclined gremlin who likes things that glow and the colors black and red. In the spirit of customizations, I also try to make multiple color variations of my mods so that everyone else can get things glowy and in their favorite colors too! ^^♥

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