Premium Content: R002-Leather Jacket [TBSE-X]

A dyable tight Leather Jacket for TBSE-X.

Requirements: TBSE-X
Races: Midlander, Au’Ra, Viera, Elezen & Miqote.
Replaces: Argute Gown

COLORSET ROWS (1 Material):
Row 1: Zipper
Row 2: Cuff & Hem (Fabric)
Row 16: Jacket (Leather)

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  • Please do not resell or post it anywhere.
  • Do not edit 3d model without permission.
  • Do not share with anyone that has not bought this product. If they would like to use this you will have to buy another.
  • You’re welcome to do edits for personal use.


Tags: Jacket, Coat, Rider, Bike, Biker, Motorcycle, Fashion, Fancy, Classy, Hot

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