✦ Pure vanilla

✦ Pure vanilla

HD bases & clanmarks PNGs for all female Miqo’te strictly matching Square Enix’s original textures.

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  • 1 TTMP file
  • 7 PNG transparent files of clanmarks
  • 1 CSP file with all clanmarks in different layers
  • 1 PSD file with all clanmarks in different layers
  • 8 DDS files with a diffuse for each face

This is intended to perfectly match Square Enix original design, meaning clanmarks for all faces but Seeker of the Sun face 001.

If you are searching for near vanilla & clanless faces, you can still check out my ✦ Vanilla Pudding modpack.

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Feel free to use #chocolatpraline on your social medias so I can see your characters using my mods.


  • Do not claim as your own.
  • Do not use as a base, in repacking, sculpts and any paid commission or release unless I say otherwise.
  • Personal edits are okay as long as you keep it private.

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If you have any question, issue, insight, feedback, idea (..) you can find me there:
Discord: Major Praline#0524
Twitter: @RetroPraline

And if you are interested feel free to join my affiliated Discord servers (where I also release exclusive content for each):

NEKO MODS & RESOURCES: discord.gg/8x2G75D46w
MOTH MODS: discord.gg/sEuPDUJ6Xx


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