Premium Content: [PT] Veins & Bruises (skin)

• Veins & Bruises • [Bibo+ only]

• Skin mod for female Midlander, Elezen, Viera, Miqo’te and Au Ra including :

– 2 skin options (Veins/Bruises With or Without scars)
– For Au Ra : available for scaleless, vanilla scales and Black and White scales
(All options are visible in the previews pictures)

/!\ Files included :

– .pmp (penumbra)
– .png for all options (including diffuses and normal)

/!\ No .ttmp2 file
HQ preview :

Feel free to do what you want with your product !
However, if you use it as a base for one of your creation, I would greatly appreciate you credit me ♥


Eorzean beautician

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