Protea Earrings

Hi friends!

These are another personal project I decided to share. I was inspired by the really gorgeous snake dress, Sazumi, Solona made here. I thought the dress would look nice with a matching ear cuff! They are earrings for any female body base (talls + lala). I’m sure they will act weirdly in some poses, depending on where the ear bones were moved. 🙂 They come in diamond only. Sorry for any issues! I tried my best.

Please note that these cuffs change depending on the race you’re playing – I have attached shots of each of them on my gumroad.

  • They are standard cuffs on Hyur and Roe.
  • They are special elf-ear cuffs on Elezen and Lala and should fit most sizes well, as I weighted them to change length depending on your ears.
  • They are gem clusters on Viera and Miqo.
  • They are more like barettes or horn decor on au ra.

TOU: This is a free mod – do not reupload it anywhere for profit. Please don’t repost it. You can convert/edit for personal use as you like. Please DM me to let me know if you are doing a public release and make sure you credit & link back to where the original is freely available.

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