Promises – A Set of Shaders for Gshade

Promises is a set of seven shaders, four created for gpose photos, and three created for gameplay use.

◇ Celes ◇
A warm, golden toned shader. Includes a gameplay variant.

◇ Rachel ◇
A soft, muted shader that softens yellow tones and enhances cool tones. The Selective Color V2 layer can be toggled on and off to control how vibrant the red tones are. Includes a gameplay variant.

◇ Locke ◇
An ashy shader that brings out brown and blue tones while cooling down other tones. Includes a gameplay variant.

◇ Magicite ◇
A pink and blue toned shader that creates diamond shapes in the background during close up shots. This shader does not have a gameplay variant as I did not feel that the color toning was suitable for gameplay.

Please note, the appearance of the shaders may vary greatly depending on the area.

I would love to see your photos! Please use #FacinaturuShaders if you post them to social media so that I can find them. Thank you!

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