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Premium Content: PREMIUM | Larger Cat Pupils

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Larger Cat Pupil for all your needs~ Also works with non-feline races for all your large pupil needs.


You can assign the loose file on Penumbra manually, as this download is just the texture. A helpful guide can be found here:

Individual File Paths to Copy&Paste (For your convienience) can be found using this guide:

These eyes in particular will be using the MULTI path.


Works really nicely with “SIN EATER” catchlight, IF you would like you can purchase it here:

Makeup used in preview pictures is also my own, you can purchase that IF you would like here:


Private edits are OK, especially if you want a softer look which I have been unable to pull off just yet. However, you are NOT allowed to redistribute your edit of MY mod. I rely on these Mods to make a living, do not be that person and rob me of my only source of income at the moment. Thank you.


Price is calculated for my experience as an artist, the time it takes for me to create a mod. If you can’t afford this- it’s OK! Just don’t be harmful about it.

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