Premium Content: Posse by Linxx





➠ fitted to Love+ by Naori
➠ made from scratch
➠ fully dyable ingame + colorset
➠ 4 x different top versions, 3 x pants


There might be clipping issues in extreme poses!
I haven’t found any while testing. If you find some,
please contact me so I can fix it asap!

Any other problems? Let me know on DC: l1nxx

Please use my hashtag when you post
on instagram or twitter: #linxxmods


Join my Discord for more releases:

You can find all my other links here:



my name is Finja | Linxx | Lina, whatever you like to call me. I'm 26 years old and I live in Germany. In my freetime I'm creating mods, tattoos and body modifications mods for Final Fantasy XIV. I hope you enjoy my work.

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