Pocket Watch Idle – custom animation with a watch

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Changes idle cpose5 to standing with a pocket watch like a gentleman. Works for all.
Preview: ♥♥♥♥♥

= ♥ =
I really hope you like it, cause the Faerie Personality was such a big project that I got kinda shy to post smaller things. But I really want to. Like make a small holding watch animation so some handsome, elegant elezen from Ishgard or Bridgerton could look even cooler.

Made it from scratch too, and I must say, that looks really okay. I’m getting braver with the chest movement, and it really starts to look natural, which makes me so happy.

Like what I do and wanna pressure me into doing more?


Hi! I recently started doing some mods in ffxiv for myself and my bun so I thought I could share some. We'll see how that goes. (if you see only a few mods uploaded months ago, it means my adhd won this battle)

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