Premium Content: Pisces Moon Body Glitter for Bibo+

Pisces Moon is a body glitter made for Bibo+. It includes both materials A and B (Bibo only, not compatible with Gen 3), plus multi maps for deeper skintones. I have also chosen to include my original PSD files for easy editing and scale/skin replacement.

There are three color variations included in the zip folder.
Lunar – The original coloring of the body glitter. Lunar is shades of lavender and blue.
Gold – A recolor that makes all of the glitter golden toned.
Prismatic – A rainbow recolor.

Each variation comes with textures for female hyur midlander based bodies, scaled xaela (vanilla color), scaled raen (vanilla color), and scaleless raen. The bibo material used was normal Bibo+ with soft fingers.

The zip folder does NOT contain a TTMP file, this means that the body glitter will need to be installed manually. Installation instructions are included as a note file in the zip folder for textools only. I do not work with penumbra and cannot help with installation on penumbra.

A preview video for various skintones can be found here:

Full size preview images can be found here:

The shader used for all of the main previews was Bismarck from my Eidolons set.

I would love to see your photos! Please use #FacinaturuLooks if you post them to social media so that I can find them. Thank you!

I also have a discord server now, which is where I post WIP pictures so you can see what I’m working on next! If you’d like to join, here is the invite link:

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