Penumbra Mod Forwarder

In Action Preview:

Want downloading your mods to be a bit more convenient?

Wish the mods you download would just automatically open in penumbra?
This tool can do that with the option to disable.

Wish you could double click a mod and also have that open in penumbra?
This tool can do that, just set this as your default program.

Penumbra Mod Forwarder, as the name suggests, will tell penumbra to extract new mods that are downloaded to a specified folder. As well as tell penumbra to extract mods you double click or multiselect if you set Penumbra Mod Forwarder as your default program for opening supported mod files in windows.

1. Check on “Auto Forward Mods”
2. Select your default downloads folder
3. Enable HTTP API in Penumbra
4. Download mods from your favourite sites.

General notice:
There’s a chance this tool may cause certain antivirus to falsely flag it because it has an auto updater.
Simply whitelist this program in your software.

This program requires .net 7.0 desktop runtime to be installed. Download it here.


FFXIV Modder, I like programming, and building tools when I get frustrated :P

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