Peets+ Compatibility Guide

I made this guide on how to make tattoos and scars and things compatible with Peets+ leg fur textures for my Discord but thought I would share it here, too, in case other people would find it useful! It’s long, but as comprehensive as I could make it, with screenshots and color coded text and links to helpful resources. I hope it helps anyone who checks it out!



he/they | queer | autistic | I'm new to modding and learning all the time, I do the best I can! Previously Ambrose <3! Changed names because of Discord's new username policy. WRT perms: Most of what I do is ports, therefore original creator permissions take precedent no matter what, permission from me to use my ports in something is not necessary. Perms for original mods are open, you don't need to ask or notify me I just ask that you credit me if you use my assets/ideas.

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