Peets Asym Framework

Want split dye peets? Want asymmetrical beans? Now you can with the Peets Asym Framework!

This mod adds Mat D to most peets mods – DOES NOT INCLUDE NIMPY’S PEETS! Nimpy has already created an asym framework for their peets and subsequent peets gear mods! Crow’s Feral Peets, Kenzo’s PeetsXS, and Alexandrite’s Peets Mini and Feral Peets with Beans are made asymmetrical with this framework.

⚠ THIS FRAMEWORK IS A RESOURCE ⚠ While it technically can be used standalone, it ONLY changes the base models and textures for PLAIN PEETS. Peet gear mods are not automatically compatible and would need to be ported to the asym models.

Download includes a collection of bean overlays I created with various designs and colors!

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As these are model edits of others’ creations, their permissions supersede mine entirely. I do not require that anyone ask me for permission to port gear to asym peets, I only require that I be credited in any mods released using my framework.


he/they | queer | autistic | I'm new to modding and learning all the time, I do the best I can! Previously Ambrose <3! Changed names because of Discord's new username policy. WRT perms: Most of what I do is ports, therefore original creator permissions take precedent no matter what, permission from me to use my ports in something is not necessary. Perms for original mods are open, you don't need to ask or notify me I just ask that you credit me if you use my assets/ideas.

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