Panic! At the Pixie

Here’s a couple different recolors I did for myself and my fellow Sage enjoyers out there of the Isnae Phis weapon. The base of the wings is pure black on all of them (though dye will still effect this to some extent), and I made the color bits glowy~

“But some of these look the same, why’d you separate them?” Well! There /is/ in fact a slight difference between the two variations of the same color ones. It’s definitely harder to see in the screenshots vs in game, but it’s most noteable in the wing-tips. ^^

Current available colors:
– Blood Moon // Crimson
– Radioactive // Ivy
– Sunless // Dewdrop
– Noir
– Oceanic
– Frostbitten
– Springtide

Hope you like these, have fun! ^^


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A spookily inclined gremlin who likes things that glow and the colors black and red. In the spirit of customizations, I also try to make multiple color variations of my mods so that everyone else can get things glowy and in their favorite colors too! ^^♥

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