Palette – Gshade / Reshade Preset Pack (Immerse Compatible)

Please ensure you have the shader pkd_kuwahara, cartoon and comic installed. These should come with gshade and reshade, if not, PacketDancer’s github for a direct download:GitHub – Packetdancer/gshade-styles: The various bits and pieces of my custom GShade styles, each with any necessary shaders and/or textures. 

Thank you very much for trying my presets out! This preset pack contains a set of 10 presets (and 10 alternate versions) with Immerse compatibility inspired by painting, a more experimental set by me! A happy accident.

These have been made in Gshade. If you are having any problems with them in Reshade, please let me know and I will do my best to pinpoint the issue.

These work outdoors, indoors and in the studio at varying times of the day and have been tested on a variety of skintones. Please turn off the ingame DOF and adjust the manual brightness as needed! I am using RTGI for my previews and no post processing. I heavily encourage adjusting and playing around with the different bloom toggles included and adjusting the pkd_kuwahara shader to either make your photo more painterly or less painted.

Please note they will appear different according to the weather, time and location of your photo. I encourage adjusting and toggling GAUSSIAN and bloom on and off as needed and adjusting them to suit!

These come with unique textures too, please ensure they are installed in the: C:\Program Files (x86)\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn\game\gshade-shaders\Textures folder to use.

If using the latest GSHADE, the path is different to prevent loss with the update; gshade custom shaders > shaders. Same with custom textures; gshade custom shaders > textures. this has been added to the guide for new gshade users.

There are also some tips in the folder on using StageDepth shaders and installing immerse.

Presets included, aesthetics vary from monotone, pastel, brights and warm:
Chiaroscuro (includes and alt version as a preset flair)
Still Life
Ukiyo-E (inspired by Okami and my wonderful friend Zee for suggesting a shader like so!)

The alt folder contains normal, non painterly versions of these presets in case you would like to use them without the paint effect.

All frame textures drawn by myself. Paper textures by S3PTIC STOCK on DeviantArt. link to the pack in the read me file if you want to swap any textures around.

I have added some keybinds to my presets to easily toggle on and off, see screenshots for the keybinds.

Please note you must have immerse installed for the updates, original shader toggles have been kept intact as another option! You can find Immerse here:

There is also a guide in my master folder and the sub folders on how install and use immerse and photos depicting an example of the toggles.

If there is something amiss or you have a question, do not hesitate to reach out and I’ll do my best to help
If you are that way inclined to use hashtags when posting pictures, #Elvashade or #Elvashaders will suffice! It brings me joy seeing people enjoy what I make!

I am lax about this stuff. You can share these with friends, edit them for your personal use etc just don’t upload as your own and don’t sell them for monetary gain. If someone asks for them, you are free to share them or refer them to a direct link.
Do not use to create harmful, bigoted, hateful content. That’s all I ask!


I do a bit of dabbling. She / Her. I love seeing everyone's beautiful screenshots with my presets! If you're inclined to use a hashtag, #Elvashade or #Elvashaders works just fine!

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