orgel – f!au ra hair mashup

two vanilla hair mashups for feminine au ra.
the longer one is on hair 3, and the shorter one is on hair 5

RACE: au ra
GENDER: feminine
AFFECTS: hair 3 and hair 5
HATS: no

NOTES: there were horns on the original hair 3, and when removed, they make the texture weird at the top of the head. it’s not very noticeable on dark hair, but just a heads up if your character has light hair

ports to other races and genders are perfectly fine, as long as you link back to me

the google drive has preview images with all the different au ra faces
let me know if there’s anything wrong with the download, drive, or mod itself by dming lucis#0525 on discord.
thank you :)


i no longer post on tgd, check out my trello or xma for new releases - discord: joppingway

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