Oracle Edits + Flat Chest

Edits for the Oracle Dress and Oracle Leggings.


  •  A 3d and texture edit for the dress. Can install just one or the other, or both. Removes the tight stitching around the breasts.
    – Optional 3d to flatten breasts on the dress altogether. Shaped to vanilla.


  • A 3d and metadata edit for the boots to prevent it from cutting into leggings, such as the 2B leggings. Removes the piece of skin that overlaps tights and changes the boots to mid length. This WILL make bottoms clip if they go beyond the thigh and are not relatively skin-tight.

None of these mods will change Ryne’s outfit.


  • Can be used as a resource for edits such as for upscaling or mashups, but please credit me
    Private + public edits OK
    No paid edits


Cosmogony#3441 on Discord. Feel free to DM me if you have any suggestions/questions. Mostly work with vanilla mashups.

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