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Premium Content: Nua Ears

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Hello People!

The Nua Ears were made by Vortex and Yaomi from scratch.

Huge thanks to Westlaketea for guiding us through texture editing hell.

We have different Variations. The sizes available are: Small, Medium and Large (Decorated or Undecorated)
It comes on the:
— Werwolf head for all races.
— Chocobo Ring (right).
(We can always be commissioned to put the ears on tails :>)

It comes in the Variations:
— Version 1 Full Hair color.
— Version 2 Ears Hair color, Fluff Highlight color
— Version 3 Left Ear Hair color, Right ear Highlight color
— Version 4 Left Ear Highlight color, Right ear Hair color

For more stuff, feel free to join our discord :>

Insane Asylum

Use the #tanakiposes on Instagram and Twitter so we can see your creations :>

Other than that, have fun! Hope you enjoy this collab!

Vortex & Yaomi <3

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