Newfound Adventure – Immerse Gshade / Reshade Preset Pack

UPDATE 26/8/23 – Adjusted some presets slightly to rectify a shadowing issue for reshade users. Please let me know if you are still having any problems with them!

Please note you must have immerse installed for these to look as intended!

This my very first set using the new immerse shaders by Pascal Gilcher (Marty McFly) with a focus on some realism and the feeling of trying something new, so hopefully these are fun to use! I appreciate any feedback as I have never made something with these shaders before.

I have made these in an old version of Gshade with the latest Gshade shaders, i’m unsure how they will look on Reshade. If you use reshade please let me know if you are having issues with them.

These work outdoors and in indoor environments at varying times of day and weather conditions, these have been tested on a variety of races and unique skintones. Note that i have used RTGI for these previews but no post processing. ADOF has been turned off to demonstrate how immerse affects the background objects as well as the subject.

Presets included:
Horizon – A neutral preset, slightly more vibrant than vanilla
Bentbranch – A somewhat more saturated, colourful preset, an all rounder
Summerford – A preset with slight cool undertones, looks best in spacious areas with sky and sea
Sagolii – A desaturated preset good for dramatic shots
Sui no Sato – A rosy preset that brings out pinks and reds
Tailfeather – A preset with green undertones that looks nice in forest areas
Rhalgr’s Reach – A preset with golden undertones, looks good in desert areas

I have included a PDF file on how to download and install the needed shaders for this set and a link to the github, as well as some basics on using mxao and RTGI (if you happen to have it).

I always appreciate feedback! and I am happy to help out with any problems or questions.

I am lax about this stuff. You can share these with friends, edit them for your personal use etc just don’t upload as your own and don’t sell them for monetary gain. If someone asks for them, you are free to share them or refer them to a direct link.
Do not use to create harmful, bigoted, hateful content. That’s all I ask!


I do a bit of dabbling. She / Her. I love seeing everyone's beautiful screenshots with my presets! If you're inclined to use a hashtag, #Elvashade or #Elvashaders works just fine!

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