Neo-Edenmorn (Vanilla Gear Mashup)

✦ mod name— Neo-Edenmorn

affected race— F talls

✦ replaces— Gajaskin Coat of Fending (will break shared models)

glove compatible— yes! but may look funny with gloves that are skin tight.

✦  comments— Combines the Makai healing top, Edenmorn fending top, and Neo-Ishgardian tanking top.


Come join me and my friends in The Moonsea discord to chat, get mod help, see WIPs, make suggestions, and get custom mashup commission info! 

✦ If you need to contact me regarding a supported mod, please reach out on discord.
✦PS — if you like my work, maybe buy me some tea on my ko-fi <3


Hi, I'm Jelly. I'm an ageless being who makes vanilla mashups (or spends her time privately adding shape data / compatibility back to existing ones).

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