Nails DevKit [ TBSE ]

✿ Includes

» Blender file with some nails and hand.
» Baked textures.
» Exported UV.
» FBX files.
» PSD file.

Nails were all made from scratch. UV friendly even for those who only wish to draw their own diffuse.

✿ Nails included

✿ To be added later
GF options

✿ Perms;

» The edition of any of the files here included is allowed.
» The distribution of any derivative work is allowed.
» The redistribution of this devkit or any of the files included, as is, isn’t allowed.
» The distribution of any derivative work behind any kind of paywall is not allowed.

✿ Contriutors;

» Tsar for TBSE

✿ Tools used;

» Blender
» Substance 3D Painter
» Photoshop
» Textools (?)


A bored someone. Sometimes I do things.

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