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Premium Content: Flowers ❀ Makeup for Miqo’te

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Started to cry but then remembered I …


Flowers is a coral-toned makeup with dewy eyes & lips, soft upper cheek and nose blush and a few sparkles sparkles here and there~

This modpack contains:

➵ Makeup diffuse for Miqo’te faces 1/101, 3/103, 4/104.
➵ Clanless and vanilla marks
➵ Selectable multi maps: light/medium and dark for better color vibrancy on all skin tones!

I also included separate loose diffuse files for sculpts.

The following sculpts were tested and are fully supported:

✿ Nekomi by Nera
✿ Meluna by Nera
✿ Anemone by Runa

There is a link inside the folder which redirects you to Yuria’s tutorial on adding loose files to your makeup mod on both Penumbra and TexTools.

If you’re looking for no-shader preview pics, please open the following Imgur link: (face previews); (skin tone swatches)

Yeah, I can love me better than you can ❀


Please keep in mind:
✢ This is a digital product: once you buy it, you’ll always have access to it. Therefore, there are no refunds!
✢ Do not claim this mod as your own.
✢ Do not use my work as base for yours.
✢ Personal edits are fine, publishing them are not!
✢ If sharing to others, please purchase another copy.

Any questions, criticism or praise? You are free to contact me via Discord (giulinha#1999) or Twitter (@ffxivdiana). Have a wonderful day!


Thumbnail model wcif:
➳ Hair: Refinement by Vermillion on Aesthetic Mods
➳ Sculpt: Private edit of Anemone by Runa

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