✶ Affects: Werewolf Arms
✶ Races: Lalafell
✶ Gender: ALL

Adds squishy beans to your hands! These use the same textures as the peet beans, so you do not need to update any of your textures. They will use the same rules as the main beans (which you can read here

Works with vanilla since it’s just the paw pads, won’t break talls. The hands are using Relala

FOR MOD CREATORS, OR ANYONE WANTING TO EDIT TEXTURES: The thumb and middle finger share a texture, because I didn’t want to update the main texture and have people have to completely redownload stuff. If this is an issue for you feel free to edit it, or shoot me a dm and I can edit it for you~!


hello! my name is parker, but people also call me Minou. i'm a 25 yr old from NA. my pronouns are he/they. occasionally i make mods! usually in game i'm raiding or gposing. i also make guides!