✶ Affects: Werewolf Legs
✶ Races: Lalafell
✶ Gender: ALL

Aaaaand after months of leaving this to die in a gutter, I was finally inclined to finish it! Paws for your lalafell that can be worn without increasing height.

When I first started making these, my thought was, how can I make them so you don’t need a plugin to use them outside of gpose? So in order to make this work, I had to sacrifice part of the leg, meaning this does not work with vanilla bottoms. It is only compatible with bottoms using Relala v1.22 legs!

In order to make them poseable, I had to put weights in that can make the foot look funky in certain emotes.

A .psd is provided if you would like to edit the textures. The modpack currently has black, white, grey and orange colours available. .PSD for editing available.

This does break talls!

↳ do NOT reupload this onto XMA website, glamour dresser website, or any other discords
↳ uploads of edits derived from this base OK
↳ private edits using this base, and public edits using this base OK (with credit)
do not use this mod or parts of this mod to aid in any kind of nsfw lalafell content, including nsfw and/or lewd mods, and/or screenshots.


hello! my name is parker, but people also call me Minou. i'm a 25 yr old from NA. my pronouns are he/they. occasionally i make mods! usually in game i'm raiding or gposing. i also make guides!

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