Middie-girl Makeup [Midlander Face 1]


An egirl inspired makeup for your midlanders :)

I upscaled the multis and diffuse layers myself to 1k, and also tweaked them by handpainting them a bit to clean them up. You can use lipstick with this mod if you’d like, as I made it so the lipstick completely covers the painted-on color. It leaves a nice sheen!

As noted in the preview, I made an option better suited to dark skintones as well, as I know makeups like these are seldom compatible in that way. It’s more orange than the other one, but ultimately, it’s up to you which one you download. All I hope is that you enjoy it!

This makeup is also very inspired by the youtuber Eve, who is pretty well-known for her egirl makeup looks (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY_Sr229Z-eLVUSh1elI_7w). I just find the egirl makeup very cute and enjoyable :)

The freckles in this makeup come from a CSP/PSD brush that I’ve had for a while. You can download it here: https://www.deviantart.com/screenlicker/art/Freckles-Photoshop-Brush-441203144. Definitely one of my favorites :)

* DO NOT reupload this makeup and/or claim it as your own.
* DO NOT use any part of it in commissions or paid work.
* DO make slight edits for personal use if you wish ^-^

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7/21/2021: Made it so second option shows up on correct diffuse and multi layers.


Hi! I mostly do makeup mods for fun. I'm an artist and have been illustrating for about 10 years now, so my twitter is mainly my art and interests, rather than about ffxiv modding.

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