Premium Content: Metamorphosis

A simple violet eyeshadow with subtle rose blush, a touch of contour, and a shimmering highlight with a teal dripping butterfly by the eye.
NOTE: The butterfly does slightly overlap onto the scales on the cheek for Face 2/102 and there is some blush overlap on the face scales.

Includes textures for both fair and dark skin tones, includes dds files for manual installation for vanilla scales and scaleless, a transparent png for custom scale options.
This was created for Au’ra faces 1, 2, 101, & 102.

Thank you to Freya and Hinata for the additional previews!
Additional previews can be found on the ko-fi page and in the zip file. Along with previews for various skintones.

  • Please do not claim my work as your own or use my work in commissions, Patreon, or any other paid work.
  • Private edits are okay but please do not release edits publicly. 
  • Do not use any portion of this mod for any paid or public work.
  • #serenateamods if you use it, I’d love to see!
  • If you have any questions or need help, please let us know in our help chat!

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