Premium Content: Mazikeen

Public: 03/07/23
Full outfit including headpieces (3), dress, gloves, capes (2), pants, and boots for ffxiv. Demon inspired outfit ported from Losk Ark.

Thank you to Naori for the help testing and my beautiful friends for helping with previews ♡

#byvalora if you post pics on social media!

Uses Bibo+ ~ Lithe+ Medium

✦ Replaces ✦
Demonic Horns
Demonic Wings
Demonic Gloves
Demonic Slops
Demonic Thighboots
Abyssos Ring of Casting (R)

✦ Permissions ✦
Do not reupload anywhere
Do not share
Do not use any part for commissions/ports to other games
Do not claim as your own
Private edits & ports allowed

✦ Links ✦
Insta ♡
Twitter ♡