Mastery of the Unforgivable Curses – hair

Normals and Multi from – from Naori

“Strands of hair from a Concerned young boy; From an early age, he held a mastery over
the Unforgivable Curses. Considering curses such as Confringo to be among his favorite’s.”

To know:
male: hair 109 for mid, miqo, aura, elezen, lala, viera

For any of my work, even temporary-paid, I don’t care, just credit me and make sure its an edit and not a reupload (unless porting).

my xiv –
my Ko-fi –

Mesh from HWL.


2nd Model / gpose was done by my friend Narci.

kkamagwi 갈까마귀

A new modder working on textures, clothing, and hair.

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