Premium Content: ROCK IN THE SPARK – Clothing


Top, bottom, boots, hat & broom prop for all tall female models

Witch hours with friends! Cojoined release with Lynn & Roseberry. ♥


Uses Lithe+ XS chest, vanilla bottoms, shins, knees.
Dress replaces Isle Shepherd’s Tunic
Bottoms replace Isle Shepherd’s Bottoms
Boots replace Isle Shepherd’s Sandals
Hat replaces Isle Shepherd’s Headdress
Choker replaces Mameshiba Neckerchief
Mount replaces Witch’s Broom
Minion replaces Wind-up Airship
Sweep replaces all animation mod based on the /sweep broom model.


  • 2 versions of the hat
  • Gameplay: no front jewellery
  • GPose: front jewellery, doesn’t move
  • 3 hat fitting options to accommodate most hairs (lower, regular & higher)


Can clip with extreme poses & scaling.
Weights are not perfect but I did my best.
Boots need Heels plugin to work properly. (offset 0.600)
Transparent parts of the mesh will not work with depth based shaders. (aDOF, MXAO, etx)
Broom modpack has to be installed into your default collection for Penumbra users to show models properly.

Public release: JANUARY 2024

Major Praline

Leon he/him

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