Mana-Sama. } viera face 1 makeup

“Simply just beauty by itself is boring, so I think if you can make it mysterious, beauty becomes even more alluring, and for me, without playing into that type of view point it doesn’t feel right.”

this is an edit to my already published makeup mod “i’ll show you.” to resemble vkei legend Mana-sama.

this makeup is intended to look doll like so the diffuse skintone is manually editted to be white. it will affect your in game skintone unfortunately so it may not look good on darker skintones, if youd like a dark skin tone compatible version of this please refer to my other mod. (although its not blue sorry… i’ll add a patch later!)


  • do not re-upload, redistribute.
  • do not claim as your own work or trace.
  • do not use as a base in paid commissions or paid work PERIOD.


  • you may edit to your liking, use as a base for your personal project, etc. just dont make money off of it or redistribute edits/etc. do not reupload edits or ill get mad, any other questions feel free to reach out to me!

thank you to miette for the HQ upscales of the viera face i used as a base. (download here )

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